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Most bathrooms are a dime a dozen, but for that one in a million bathing experience, here are three amazing products to make your bathroom the lap of luxury: (there are more to come)

1. Jacuzzi Fuzion Bathtub

The Fuzion baths are so beautiful they serve as a unique furnishing for your home. Bathing has never been like this before. Start with Jacuzzi technology, add fine decking in either rich teak or exotic wenge wood. Incorporate state-of-the-art overflow technology for a visually pleasing full-fill look. Choose colors to enhance the mood. The Fuzion is the first Jacuzzi bath to incorporate precious hardwood as an elegant accent. Available as a whirlpool bath or Salon Spa  for one or two bathers.


Jacuzzi Fuzion

Which shower is moving in to your house? Do you want the water to spray down from above, from the wall or from several directions? Do you want an invigorating jet, a soft flow or a gentle patter of rain? Or do you want the freedom to change your mind from day to day? Do you want to install equipment behind the wall, on the wall or in your ceiling? This will do it all.

3.Villeroy-Boch,Washdown Toilet 567010XX
This minimalist, contemporary design will ensure that your toilet will stand-out. Engineered to Villeroy & Boch’s exacting aesthetic standards.

Stone is an embodiment of calm and permanence. PURE STONE takes this as its cue to create a unique collection for the bathroom – sensuous, high-quality, cosy. The design of the washbasin was inspired by pebbles smoothed by the flow of river water. Water flows from the specially designed outlet as if from a natural spring. Oak and walnut lend the furniture a sophisticated charm. PURE STONE: discover a natural harmony that instils an inner calm.

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