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Edgar Berebi Collection

If you want to enhance you home with authentic luxury Edgar Berebi has the finest products in the world. The Edgar Berebi Collection was created for connoisseurs of classic beauty as a way to accent and highlight their fine antiques and home décor. All their products are hand crafted to perfection. Below is a list of my favorite products from Edgar Berebi.

Edgar Berebi Brussel Stemware Garnet 7326-2
This Brussels Stemware by Edgar Berebi has burgundy enamel and light colorado topaz Austrian crystals. It has a 24kt. gold plate museum finish.



Edgar Berebi Brussel Stemware Garnet 7326-2


Edgar Berebi, American Atelier, crafts each piece in 24K gold plate or burnished silver and is adorned with Swarovski Crystals and hand guilloche enamel. Edgar Berebi brings to you a piece of classic art that has been created by one of 42 artisans who have been trained in the Old World craftsmanship of hand engraving.ed7136_7l1

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