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Aquatic Serenity 27 Copper Air Bath Tub

Copper baths are one of the hottest design trends in today’s bathroom. Aquatic recently unveiled the first hydrotherapeutic copper bathtub. The Serenity 27, a hand-crafted copper air bath, delivers an effective massage from head to toe while bringing old-world charm center stage to any bathroom. Each Serenity 27 is made of hand-crafted, hammered copper with a weathered finish and is a slipper style bath. This air bath comes equipped with matching, freestanding waste and overflow and a waterproof remote control. The Serenity 27 features two vintage rings that adorn both sides of the bath (available without rings.) This air bath comfortably seats two persons and releases thousands of warmed bubbles to excite the skin and massage the entire body. The Serenity 27 features a 1 HP variable speed remote air blower and a 600 watt air heating system. Select from three settings, including constant bubble action, available at variable speeds, wave and pulse modes. Once your massage is complete, an automated drying cycle is activated to purge and dry the air channels.


Aquatic Serenity 27

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WetStyle Ove Freestanding Bathtub

This tub is very unique & it can give your bathroom a very high-end look. 

WetStyle BOV 01-62

From the new WetStyle OVE collection, this bathtub features slender, rounded edges accentuated by shapely, well-defined curves. Stylish and graceful, it nonetheless offers the same sturdy construction characteristic of the products in our CUBE collection. With the same depth but slightly longer and wider than the BOV 01-62 model, 2 users can completely submerge their bodies when bathing. Manufactured with WETMAR, an ultra-resistant composite material, this model comes in a glossy or matte white finish.

WetStyle BOV 01-62

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